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Jigsaw Dance Studio offers an exciting and unique approach in learning the art of dance. Students enjoy a fun, competitive free environment, in which to enjoy learning Jazz (Modern and Lyrical), Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Zumba, Singing and Drama classes. All teachers are experienced, professional and caring while offering each of our dancer’s 100% encouragement and commitment in order to truly experience the sensational world of dance.

Our focus is on the dancers feeling good about themselves and their achievements. We encourage and build self esteem and make each child feel individual and special while embracing movement, music, co-ordination and drama. All the essential things for young children!

Our dance lessons ran from 4 convenient locations in the heart of Kellyville and another location in Castle Hill Sydney. Feel free to come along for a pressure free trial class to see if your little star enjoys themselves…….

About Miss Jen

Miss Jen loves everything to do with dance and music. Starting dancing at the age of 2½ she delighted in performing on stage. Working her way through her dancing examination and participating in eisteddfods, both individually and in troupes, it soon became obvious that her future would be in music and dance. She started taking piano lesson when she was 5 years old and also added singing lessons to her busy weekly schedule.

As a child Miss Jen attended many musical theatre performances and when the opportunity arose for her to participate in a local production of the “Little Mermaid” she embraced the role with her usual dedication. Jen performed in many school musicals over the years.

A parent approached Jen when she was 13 years old and asked her to teach her daughter to dance. She eagerly accepted and started lessons in her family garage. Her start from one student quickly grew and when she was 16 she knew that she wanted to share her passion and joy of dancing and music with other children.

After completing her HSC and leaving school Jen built on her growing number of students and started Jigsaw Dance. She decided from the beginning that she wanted her students to learn to dance in a non-competitive environment and develop the “whole” child, not only by teaching them to dance but by building on their self confidence with a positive mind and body image. Although classes are structured, they are conducted in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and allows children at all levels to enjoy dancing. The decision to start singing/drama classes is a natural progression to give children an even broader exposure to music and dance.

After 20 years of teaching, Jen has found one of the most rewarding and humbling aspects of her career is when students she has taught in the past are now bringing their children to her to learn to dance, thereby continuing to share the love of dance.

Jigsaw Juniors Toddler Dance Class Kellyville

An Interview with Jennifer Dalton, the Principal of Jigsaw Dance Studio Kellyville

“Jigsaw Dance offers an exciting and unique approach in teaching the art of dance, performing arts and acro,” says principal Jennifer Dalton.

At the age of 13yrs, Ms Dalton was approached by a couple of young girls from the neighbourhood and asked her to teach them to dance.  Dancing lessons were then started in her parent’s garage in Kellyville.  The following year they all brought a friend to class and their friends brought friends and that was the beginnings of Jigsaw Dance Studio.  Jigsaw Dance now runs out of four studios 5 days a week and sees hundreds of dancers each week.  Jigsaw Dance is constantly planning to bring new and exciting things for their students which is not only exciting for them but is always aimed at their future development.

Ms Dalton emphasises “Our main focus here at Jigsaw Dance Studio is about the dancers feeling good about themselves and their achievements.  We encourage and build self esteem and make each child feel individual and special while embracing movement, music, co-ordination and drama.  We believe this is essential for developing confidence in young children and teenagers”.

Jigsaw Dance Studio runs a student teaching program which is takes place over several years. At Jigsaw Dance  many of the teachers started out as students until becoming qualified and experienced in the Jigsaw Dance philosophy of dance, performing arts and acro and now run classes of their own.

Jigsaw Dance offers a wide variety of genres and styles of dance including; jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, hip hop, singing and drama, b-boys (boys only hip hop classes), Zumbatomic and new in 2013 is our Acro for Dance program.

All dance classes are carefully designed to specific age appropriate teaching. This includes skills and techniques for the dancer’s/performer’s physical, emotional and social skills. Classes develop the elements of creative movement, drama, self expression and music. So not only does Jigsaw Dance teach our students to dance, sing and perform but we focus on developing the ‘Whole Child”.

Ms Dalton says, “Being a married busy, working mum of two young daughters, I know how hard it is to organise extra curricular activities and to get out and purchase all things needed. That is why I strive to make things as easy and convenient as possible while keeping it affordable, so everyone has the opportunity of enjoying the art of dance. Jigsaw Dance is run from the perspective of an ‘everyday mum’ who understands the chaos of everyday life”

All the faculty and staff of Jigsaw Dance are a vibrant community of people who have a high regard for each other, the art of dance and the respectability and value of the work we do. We show respect to our parents, our peers and all of the wider dance community.

“We just LOVE what we do!”

Some retro photos of Jigsaw Dance Studio in the very very early days



Dance Teacher Training Programs

Jen also offers a range of performing arts online training packages for up and coming dance teachers and studio owners. Check out the Dance Teacher Central online programs to see if you may have a career in the performing arts