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Back into dancing for 2016 – Welcome

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to the many new families that are with us this year. It has been lovely meeting you and your little ones and we hope that you quickly settle in to the groove of things with us.

At the start of any term it is always tricky balancing class numbers across the timetable. To start with some classes will be quite large and with other classes some are a bit smaller. Over the course of the next few weeks, this always sorts itself out. There will (as always) be a few class timetable amendments, but when this happens I will keep you all in the loop.

Remember the best ways that we communicate with you all are:
SOCIAL MEDIA: (especially Facebook) so like the page ‘Jigsaw Dance Studio Kellyville & Castle Hill’ to receive the updates. Always remember to like or comment of a post every few weeks to make sure Facebook keeps you on the news feed from the studio.

EMAIL: For important updates we email everyone at the studio. These emails are usually backed up with a short Facebook post to remind you to check your emails. If you notice for whatever reason you did not received the email, check your junk or trash folders and if still not there please email me at and I will double check my lists.
TEAM APP: Make sure you download the TEAMAPP application to your smartphones. This app allows us to quickly pass on news to our dancing families. Once downloaded search our studio name and you will find us there.


Welcome everyone once again as we embark on a busy but exciting term 1. If at any time I can help you with any questions or you have any ideas on how we can make your experience with us better I am always contactable on

Have a lovely week.
Miss Jen oxoxo

Jigsaw Juniors Toddler Dance Class Kellyville

Increase your child’s confidence through peforming arts

Give your child confidence. For years now research is showing that a positive self image and a good self esteem in children is sourced from the positive activities they undertake in their childhood. With so many options available today it can be hard for any parent to decide where best to spend their child and their own time.

So many considerations come in to play when making such a decision. Where it the activity located, when does the activity take place, Is the activity going to take all day or my entire week end and how much will it cost. All perfectly valid questions, but one more should be considered….what will this activity bring to my child’s life?

As what happens on most occasions, the parents choose what their child will do and inevitably due to that decision a child sticks at a certain, sport or activity for many years into the future. Call it familiarity, call it ease or call it habit these activities or sports can form the basis to your child’s health, fitness, friend group and self esteem for many years to come.

What if you let your child decide what they wanted to do. What if they had all the options in front of them and they chose what they enjoyed? This is the tact Miss Jen and the Jigsaw Dance team like to support. Jigsaw Dance Studio has been operating in the Hills District of Sydney for the past 23 years. With several studio locations across the hills district the Jigsaw Dance team have a wealth of knowledge, teachers and experience to allow your little one to explore the world of performing arts.

This year in 2016 Jigsaw Dance comes to the North Shore with a new venue opening at the St Johns Uniting Church located at 61 Coonanbarra Road Wahroonga. With free trial weeks available for all new students, you can come along and try out the Jigsaw Dance philosophy yourself with no costs, no pressure to sign up and really allow your little one to feel the studio out for themselves. Your little one can jump, run and shake their booty to music whilst making friends in a fun and competition free environment. Help Jigsaw bring out the best in your little one at their own pace. Contact Jigsaw Dance for free trial voucher on or call Miss Tash on 0468994488. For all the timetable information go our website at



Tiny Tots Dance Class Kellyville – Jigsaw Juniors Program


Each week our classes are a journey of imagination, creation and education. Along the way, our dancers develop new skills, confidence and friendships through the passionate guidance of our teachers.  We encourage creative thinking and exploration while our dancers get to feel a sense of pride, excitement & fun and most importantly feel like the most important dancer in the room.

  • JIGSAW JNR RAINBOW CONNECTION (My Love and Me) – This is a beautiful opportunity for you and your little one to start the music and movement appreciation process. Together you and your little one will play with musical instruments, use fun props while singing and dancing together.
  • JIGSAW JNR JAZZ – Our jazz classes are fun and energy filled including basic movement, co-ordination, singing and drama to familiar music. It gives children a chance to develop their ear for music and feet for dancing, starting at the age most crucial.
  • JIGSAW JNR BALLET – Our ballet classes have the same fun and energy of our Jazz classes, but also incorporates the beginnings of ballet techniques allowing a gentle introduction to the world of tippy toes and twirls. Dancers are taught correct technical skills and ‘French’ ballet names for steps and movements – so we have classes of 2-5yr olds speaking French each week!
  • JIGSAW JNR HIP HOP/JFH (Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop) – Our Hip Hop and JFH classes use funky music and hip moves giving our dancers an introduction to modern moves and techniques. 
  • JIGSAW JNR TUMBLING TOTS/MINI ACRO – Our Tumbling Tots/Mini Acro program is great for upper body strength, balance, flexibility, exploration and co-ordination including bunny hops, barrel rolls & somersaults while using the soft play, balance beam and mini tramp….

Jigsaw Juniors Toddler Dance Class Kellyville

Online enrolments for 2016 being taken now



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Jigsaw Dance Studio has been established for 20 years, and has proudly grown into a well known and respected Performing Arts Centre in the Hills District of Sydney

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